Dear Friends of Pietrasanta in Concerto

We have had a great 10 years of wonderful collaboration with the Private Bank Edmond de Rotschild, that came to an end in 2016.
Many Festivals in Europe and elsewhere have turned to smaller sponsors and associations of Friends to survive and prosper.
We are taking the same route, since the public enthusiasm has been so great over the years, and the idea not to go on was never considered.
Once again this year, the Festival will feature world class artists.
Needless to say, your support will be of utmost importance to decide the future of the Festival.
Amici Pietrasanta in Concerto is an association created to receive your generous contributions.
As founder and Music director of the Festival, I will be extremely grateful for your help during these challenging times, and look forward to seeing you from July 21st till July 30th in Pietrasanta !

Musically yours,

Michael Guttman
Amici Pietrasanta in concerto

Honorary Committee
Salvatore Accardo
Martha Argerich
Andrea Bocelli
Fernando Botero
Vadim Repin
Sindaco della Città di Pietrasanta