Luc Tooten

Performs on:
Luc Tooten is first cello soloist of the Brussels Philharmonic. He studied at the Brussels Royal Conservatory and perfected his art with Reine Flachot and Mstislav Rostropovitch. Afterwards he established himself as a chambrist and soloist. As a chambrist he performed with the Arriaga Kwartet, the Trio Portici and piano player Stéphane De May in Europe, Israel, Canada, China, Mexico and the USA. As a soloist he played under the direction of conductors like Andrzej Borejko, Jan Latham-Koenig, Yoel Levy, Alexander Rahbari and Tan Dun. At Tan Dun’s request, he played in the Belgium premiere of the cello concerti Crouching Tiger and The Map. His discography with “Pavane Records” comprises the cello sonatas by Saint-Saëns, Frédéric Chopin, Claude Debussy, George Onslow, Edouard Lalo and Franz Schubert, as well as the entire cello oeuvre of Franz Liszt. Kalidisc released a CD on which Luc Tooten plays previously unpublished works by tango composers like José Bragato and Ástor Piazzolla.